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This offer provides free Extended Warranty for a period of 2 year on purchased during the Offer Period.

The Offer is valid only from 1st September' 2017 to 30th September' 2017.

This Offer is valid on all states of India.

Warranty to be registered within 10 days of Date of Purchase.

Extended Warranty Offer

Product Family name, Model no. &Serial no. is mentioned on the back of laptop.

Applicable Models under September Scheme

Family Name Model Name
Satellite C40-B I0412PSCJQG-001001
Satellite C40-B I0413PSCJQG-003003
Satellite C40-B I0012PSCJSG-001001
Satellite C40-B I2100PSCJQG-001007
Satellite Pro R50-B I4100PSSG0G-01X026
Satellite Pro R50-B I0100PSSG1G-00900L
Satellite Pro R50-B I0101PSSG3G-00C00J
Satellite Pro R50-B X0100PSSG3G-00D00J
Satellite Pro R50-B I2100PSSG0G-01X027
Satellite Pro R50-B I2101PSSG2G-00W01N
Satellite Pro R50-B X2100PSSG0G-01Y027
Satellite Pro R50-B X2101PSSG2G-00X01L
Satellite Pro R50-B X4100PSSG0G-01Y025
Satellite Pro R50-B X4101PSSG2G-00X01M
Satellite Pro R50-B Y4101PSSG2G-02001M
Satellite S40-B X0412PSPN2G-00J00D
Satellite S40-B X4100PSPN2G-00J00C
Satellite S40-B X4101PSPN2G-00G00D
Tecra Z40-A X0410BPT44FG-09Q018
TECRA C50-C X0100PS563G-006004
TECRA C50-C I0100PS563G-005003
TECRA C50-C X2101PS565G-008005
TECRA C50-C Y2101PS565G-007004
TECRA C50-C I2100PS561G-00V00E
TECRA C50-C I4100PS561G-00U00F
TECRA C50-C X4100PS561G-00T00F
TECRA C50-C X2100PS561G-00R00E
Satellite Pro A40-C X0100PS462G-003002
Satellite Pro A40-C I0100PS462G-002002
Satellite Pro A40-C X4100PS461G-01300P
Satellite Pro A40-C I2100PS461G-01200Q
Satellite Pro A40-C I4100PS461G-01000P

Please click here to view invalid Serial Numbers under this Scheme.

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