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About Toshiba

Leading excellence in proven quality.

Toshiba’s R&D, manufacturing and service activities are geared to maintaining the highest quality standards. Our principal design criteria for new products are maximum functionality combined with optimal quality. For our customers, this means best-in-class quality as we offer more value than any other mobile computing brand. Toshiba’s core brand values - mobility, innovation and quality - are the building blocks for true product leadership and make Toshiba the best choice for advanced mobile computing.

Maintaining Highest Quality Standards

Through R&D, manufacturing and service, Toshiba maintains peak performance for its Notebook PCs. Maximum dedication to product excellence means setting high engineering standards and testing procedures even before the product makes it to the production stage.

Unique commitment to innovation.

Toshiba’s continuing success is underpinned by our proven ability to develop new cutting-edge technologies. Toshiba is the key player in the development of computing technologies and product innovations. On top of substantial investment in R&D, Toshiba’s concept of innovation goes one step further. It means putting these innovations into practice by incorporating them into new products. For our customers, this means buying from a strong and innovative partner.

Unrivaled heritage in mobility

It all began in 1985 when Toshiba launched the world’s first portable PC. Since then, Toshiba has been responsible for many of the major innovations in mobile computing. All Toshiba products are the result of our unrivaled experience in developing and producing mobile systems. For our customers, this means choosing a proven partner with extensive experience and in-depth product knowledge.

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