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Enjoy Great Sound with Phillips Sound Bar. Buy a Toshiba Core i3, i5 or i7 laptop and get a Phillips Sound Bar Worth Rs. 2,999/- absolutely free.

This offer is applicable in all states of India except Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, North East, Bihar, Orissa and Jharkhand.

The Offer is valid only till 31st May’ 2013. Registrations will be open till 21st June’ 2013.

Free Phillips Sound Bar Registration

Product Family name, Model no. & Serial no. is mentioned on the back of laptop.

Applicable Models under Sound Bar Scheme

Model Number Part Number
Core i3 Series
Satellite C850-I0015 PSC74G-029001
Satellite C850-I0013 PSC74G-017001
Satellite C850-I0014 PSC74G-01Q001
Satellite C850-I2010 PSC78G-00P001
Satellite C850-I2011 PSC78G-00V001
Satellite C840-I4210 PSC6AG-01V00K
Satellite C850-I5211 PSC72G-01C005
Satellite C850-I5213 PSC72G-020005
Satellite C850-I0110 PSCBLG-02100E
Satellite C665-I5210 PSC55G-018002
Satellite C850-I5212 PSC76G-00S003
Satellite C850-I5214 PSC76G-014003
Satellite C850-I2110 PSCBNG-007002
Satellite C840-I4211 PSC6AG-02J00K
Portege R830-I3310 PT320G-0J306D
Core i5 Series
Satellite C850-X0010 PSC74G-014001
Satellite C850-X0011 PSC74G-00S001
Satellite M840-X4210 PSK9QG-00C004
Satellite M840-X4211 PSK9QG-00D004
Satellite C850-X5211 PSC72G-01F005
Satellite C850-X5213 PSC72G-01D005
Satellite C850-X0110 PSCBLG-02200E
Satellite M840-X4212 PSK9QG-008004
Satellite M840-X4213 PSK9QG-009004
Satellite C850-X5212 PSC76G-00V003
Satellite C850-X5214 PSC76G-00T003
Satellite L750-X531B PSK2YG-0S8026
Satellite L850-X5310 PSKACG-04U00W
Satellite (UB) U940-X0110 PSU6SG-01F011
Satellite (UB) U940-X3110 PSU6VG-013011
Satellite (UB) U840W-X0310 PSU5RG-00L00W
Satellite (UB) U840W-X0110 PSU5XG-00700C
Portege R930-X3310 PT330G-01400Q
Core i7 Series
Satellite L850-Y5310 PSKACG-03400W
Satellite L850-Y3110 PSKFWG-00F00C

Note: The Scheme is not applicable on Satellite U940-X0110 (PSU6SG-01F011) & Satellite C850-I0014 (PSC74G-01Q001) for Gujarat State.

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