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Toshiba Recalls AC Power Cords on Certain Notebook PCs

On November 25th, 2014, Toshiba India Private Limited ("Toshiba") announced the recall and replacement of AC power cords 1) sold with certain Toshiba notebook computers manufactured and/or 2) replaced in the course of repair process, from September 2010 through June 2012. Toshiba is taking this action in the countries where the affected the products were sold.

Because there is a possibility that some affected 3-pins AC power cords may overheat and burn, Toshiba is offering a free replacement for affected AC power cords.

AC power cords subject to this recall are marked with "LS-15" on the portion of the cord that plugs into the power brick. Please see below photo illustrating the location of the marking. AC power cords that do not bear the "LS-15" marking are not subject to this recall.

Power Cord Power Cord

To learn whether your PC shipped an AC power cord or your replaced AC power cord subject to this recall please visit the following Toshiba website and follow the instructions there to register to receive a free replacement AC power cord.

If your AC power cord is subject to Toshiba's recall/replacement program, you should immediately unplug your PC from AC power and use only on battery power until you receive a replacement AC power cord.

Click here to register to receive a free replacement AC power cord.